Risk Management


Short Term Travel Application

This form is a requirement for all church sponsored travel outside of Canada and the United States, and is used for both individual and group travel. Completing this form will provide the traveling party with medical, trip cancellation, baggage, repatriation, and other forms of coverage during the time they are out of country.The link below connects you to Adventist Risk Management's TravelHub portal where the necessary documentation can be completed on line.


If you encounter difficulty with the on line registration, click the link below to select the PDF version which you can print and complete by hand.


  Short Term Travel - Claim

Should you be traveling abroad and experience an accident or medical need and have, prior to the trip, submitted the Short Term Travel Application, please click the link below, then download, complete, and submit the form to file your claim.


Short Term Travel - Baggage Loss

If during travel abroad you experience loss of your baggage or other personal property, download, complete, and submit this form to file your claim. Prior to your trip, you must have submitted the Short Term Travel Application. Click the link below to access the Baggage Loss Form.

Volunteer Labor Application Form

If you or your orgaization are participating in a construction project while traveling outside Canada or the United States, you must complete the Volunteer Labor Application which provides coverage for such events. Prior to the event, please print, complete, and submit the Volunteer Labor Application Form which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.